Foundation 1

In F1 (Nursery) we have 26 part time children aged 3 and 4. They are taught by Mrs Leigh all day on Monday, Tuesday and also on Wednesday morning and Mrs Taglione for those staying on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Barker is our Nursery Nurse who plays and works with F1 every day. 

All the children in F1 enjoy a large open classroom and outdoor space in which they learn through play experiences. They share the Foundation unit with the F2 children but have separate teaching times with the F1 staff. 

We are lucky to have a school walled garden “the woods” which we use as an alternative outdoor learning space for the children and the F1 children always enjoy spending time in it, making dens, telling stories, exploring and sometimes even having a cup of hot chocolate!

In F1 we learn lots and work hard to share, be kind and play cooperatively with all our friends at school.

School dinners are £1.45 per day. The children are doing really well at eating them. I will try to get a menu at to you soon.


Session Times:  Monday          8.45am-3.15pm

  Tuesday         8.45am-3.15pm

               Wednesday    8.45am-11.45am (unless paying for the top up)

               We appreciate that getting little people out of the door and to anywhere on time is a

               challenge on its own, please don’t worry if you are running a little late. Please try to

               collect your little one on time, the children do sometimes get upset if they are the last 

       one to be picked up. If at any time you are running late please ring the office and let them

       know so  that we can reassure your child.


Wednesday Afternoons If you would like your child to stay for the extra session please let Mrs Leigh or Mrs Barker know. The cost for the session is £13.50 per week. Please remember that if your child is not staying they will not have had their lunch and pick up time is 11.45am