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Geography - Subject Leader: Miss Dobson


Geography enables you to understand the world by studying people and places. We become travellers of our Earth by working hands-on in our local area; studying maps of places far and wide; and understanding the significance of the location by identifying its landscape and population. With geography, you are able to visit far-away continents, travel across storming seas, explore new cities and encounter a wealth of flora and fauna.





Our Geography curriculum follows the National Curriculum and provides children with an array of enriching opportunities, using a wealth of resources to build skills and the opportunity to explore and expand their knowledge of locations around the world. Our children experience a wide range of school trips, including residentials in UKS2 as well as a number of local area visits to develop the children’s awareness of their locality. In lessons, children develop their geographical enquiry skills though exploring physical environments, human interactions and how the two areas intertwine with each other.

Home Projects

To continue broadening our children’s knowledge at home, teachers plan a ‘project-style’ homework for a topic each half term. This can have any format and must give children a longer period of time to complete the project. This may often link to their Geography topic. 

Some examples are: research and powerpoints, a 3D model or an artistic activity.


Our Geography lessons are engaging, exciting and full of great depth in learning. Children are able to explore the world around them; compare, research, analyse and evaluate a location whilst attaining key skills which will support them in all their outdoor pursuits whether it be in the UK or elsewhere. Children are engrossed in the exploration and the deeper understanding of parts of our world. Support is determined during each lesson to ensure secure understanding, accelerated learning and deepened understanding based on the needs of each child. We use a range of strategies to assess the skills and knowledge attained each term including book looks, sticky knowledge questions, pupil voice, regular marking and feedback and an exemplar benchmarking folder.