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Year 3 Tasks and Activities for home learning


For children who are currently self-isolating:


Below are some useful websites and project ideas for home learning. For any work your child completes, please feel free to email pictures to me

As well as this, please keep doing lots of reading. You can use the ‘Reading Gems’ questions previously sent out to help talk to your child about what they have read. Try to read a range of genres including fiction and non fiction such as information books, recipes and news reports. Additionally, please keep up with TTRS! - a website where you can search the age group and subject (English, Maths etc.) They have a range of activities and games. - twinkl has set up a free ‘parents’ page where you can access a range of activities across the curriculum. - e-books available on this site.




  • Research British artist, architect and explorer, Frederick Catherwood to create an information page.


  • Make your own chocolates (with an adult). Design and create some Mayan inspired chocolates. Can you create different layers and interesting toppings and decorations? Ice cube trays make good chocolate molds. Write a product evaluation. Did it taste good/look good? Were there any problems?


Keep safe, 


Mrs Hahn