St Walburga's Catholic Primary School

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Welcome to Year 6!

Our teacher is Miss Dobson, with Mrs Fearnley teaching Maths everyday too. Supporting us in class is Mrs Birss in the morning and Mrs Connor in the afternoon.


Year 6 tasks and activities for home learning:


Useful websites to support at home learning:

Maths -

English grammar -

Spelling -

Please continue working through your SATs revision books at a steady rate - particularly looking at percentages in Maths which is the current thread in lessons. 


Ancient Egyptians - Please create a project about mummification (also known as embalming), a process that the Egyptians did when people and animals passed away in order to worship them and prepare them for the afterlife. Find out the process of embalming, some examples and think about what it tells you about the Egyptians beliefs. Perhaps you could even create your own mummy?


English - We are starting a new topic based on the legend of ‘The Cobbler of Krakow and Smok, the Dragon of Wawel’. If possible, please have a look at the following web pages and do some further research about the story in preparation for your return.


Children are of course also welcome to remain busy by doing artwork and they are able to access Scratch from home too. Continuing to read and use Times Table Rock Stars is also required. 

If you would like to take some photographs of the work you have completed, please do so and send them via email to for me to see. 

For maths, please email to 


We look forward to seeing you back in class soon! :)



Key Information


Reading - Children are asked to complete 1 hour of reading every week. This will go towards their Year 6 Reading Challenge and can include any form of reading, whether that is reading to others, reading alone and it can be any format such as a newspaper, a poem, a narrative or even a blog!

Times Table Rock Stars - Your child has their username and password in their homework diaries and should have access to the app on a tablet or the website online. They should also complete 1 hour of times tables every week.

Spellings - Green spellings books must be in school on Mondays and Tuesdays, your child will get new spellings each week and must complete the homework in order to improve their spelling knowledge.

Further to this, children will be given 10 spellings on a Monday which are stuck into their homework diaries and must be learnt for Friday; when they will be tested. These spellings are taken from previous Spelling SATs papers and are excellent practice.

ALL homework is signed off on a Friday by Miss Dobson - please ensure all homework that your child does is written in their homework diary, with the time spent, and signed by a parent at the end of the week.  

PE: Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times. Outdoor kit: t-shirt, shorts, plain jumper, plain tracksuit bottoms and trainers. Indoor kit: t-shirt, shorts, pumps.