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St Walburga's Catholic Primary School


Shipley Achieving Success (SAS)


The SAS is a partnership of local Shipley Schools who are committed to securing the best outcomes for children and young people. High standards of attainment, achievement, inclusion and the development of the whole child are fundamental to our core purpose.


Our partnership is founded on the belief that our leadership, supported by other key stakeholders including the Local Authority, will make a significant impact upon the outcomes achieved by our young people. We have signed up to;


  • A commitment to work together to improve the life chances for our young people, the quality of experience we offer in our schools for young people and staff
  • A shared commitment to support each young learner and to close any gap in attainment, achievement or development
  • A commitment to support each other to improve all our schools, especially those facing a difficult or turbulent time
  • Trusting each other in a climate of openness, honesty and transparency
  • Plan and work together where we can to maximise mutual benefit for our young people and their families, our schools and our staff.