St Walburga's Catholic Primary School

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Religious Education


The school follows The Way, The Truth and The Life Scheme.  Pupils cover a new topic each half term. RE teaching is further enhanced through the use RE Today materials with a creative approach.  In addition to this scheme pupils also learn about other world faiths each year.

RE Topics






The school uses many resources to support teaching and learning.


Literacy Long Term Plan

Literacy Update



The school uses "Letters and Sounds" to support pupils phonic development 




  Creative Curriculum


At St Walburga’s, we strive to ensure a creative curriculum with enrichment activities to support the statutory programmes of study. We organise our creative curriculum on a two year rolling programme across each key stage (KS1, LKS2 and UKS2).  We refer to these as Year A and Year B.

Our creative curriculum is enhanced through Wow Days, Art Days and Educational visits.



FS Long Term Plan


KS1 Long Term Plan Year A

KS1 Long Term Plan Year B


LKS2 Long Term Plan Year A

LKS2 Long Term Plan Year B


UKS2 Long Term Plan Year A

UKS2 Long Term Plan Year B